Data Strategy

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According to Harvard Business Review, less than half of a typical organization’s structured data is actively used in making business decisions. And less than 1% of its unstructured data is used at all.

The ability to meet medium to long-term business objectives requires many aspects of your organization to work in harmony – all pulling in the same direction. A data strategy underpins your business strategy and sets the agenda for the IT delivery roadmap.

Our Data Strategy Experts offer practical, strategic advice on how to build and implement a data strategy that will help you achieve your company goals by leveraging data management, data governance, data technology, data analytics, and a data-driven culture, our Data Strategy Experts will help you build and implement a data strategy that will help you achieve your business goals.

Data Architecture

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Data is at the heart of every organization. That’s why it’s essential to have the right Data Architecture to connect, transport, store, transform and present your data to those who consume it. Your Data Architecture will connect all relevant components with your customers and end users, providing secure access to the insight and value required.

Our consultants will help you understand and define the right Data Architecture to suit all your structured and unstructured, operational and big data requirements

Data Management & Governance

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Design the Data Governance Framework

Create a Data Governance Operating Model

Specify Data Governance Roles and Responsibilities

Data Stewards

Create Data Governance Policy

Data Governance Best Practices

Data Governance and Its Relationship to Other Data Management Activities

Data quality

Metadata Management

Business Intelligence & Visualization

Our team of BI experts will design and develop systems to help you leverage the power of your data:

Stay proactive with real-time data

Empower your team with easy-to-use dashboards

Access your data anywhere with mobile intelligence solutions

Make smarter decisions with predictive data models

Stay productive with fewer interruptions and faster answers all on the platforms and technology that works best for you (including cloud business intelligence on AWS, Azure, Power BI, and more…)

Data Warehouse

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In today’s world of Big Data, Data Lakes and the Internet of Things, enormous volumes of data are being collected and stored in structured and unstructured formats. But how do you turn all that data into actionable insight? That’s where an effective data warehouse strategy is key.

We apply hands-on expertise to help you find the best approach – whether you’re just getting started or looking to assess an existing data warehouse that isn’t supporting your needs. We offer extensive experience in end-to-end solutions for developing, assessing, and optimizing your data warehouse. We can help you evaluate and choose the appropriate tools, build and implement the right solutions, and ensure the availability of consistent, accurate and timely information.

Advanced Analytics & AI

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Advanced analytics solutions empower you to gain a competitive advantage by discovering deeper insights, making more accurate predictions, and generating next-best-action recommendations.

Big Data

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Big data analytics projects are at the top of the IT priority list for many organizations looking to wring business benefits out of all the data, structured, unstructured, and semi-structured flowing into their systems.

Structured – transactional data from enterprise applications

Semi-structured – machine data from the IoT

Unstructured – text, audio and video from social media and Web application

Many companies now have data in Hadoop or NOSQL, and are faced with the issue of how to integrate that unstructured data with the rest of their corporate data so they can maximize its value. They might already be doing sentiment analysis on the data, but it’s time to dig deeper and turn it into actionable information.

As with any initiative that offers big rewards, there are also accompanying big risks. That’s certainly true of a big data implementation, which makes planning and managing deployments effectively a must.

We recommend that you begin with a well-defined target of the business results you’re looking to achieve, so you can establish a scope for the data management and analytics systems that need to be built along with the supporting technology that needs to be installed.