We have our special approach in training to meets our client’s needs, so Designing training programme is an important component of our approach to training. It should be designed enlisting active participation of the personnel at varying levels. If possible, training experts should be consulted Program design must bear the stamp of being custom-made to achieve specific objectives of the individuals and organization.

Our Trainings

Standard Training

Data Management Training

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Data Strategy

In the past, data was often seen as only one aspect of a technology project and was not treated as a corporate asset. Today many managers and data experts ask for a data strategy as a basis for data-related activities. In our design, we emphasize the close connection between data strategies and business strategies. Also, we define a coherent approach for the management of data assets.

Data Governance

Good data governance ensures that high-quality data is available and relevant for data-driven processes and insights. What used to be targeted as control and compliance have evolved into a true enabler for data monetization. The question is how do you get there?

Sustainable Data Quality

"Data Excellence for Business Value"
"Governance and Data Quality Management"
"Data Architecture, Life-Cycle and Applications"

TOGAF Course - Foundation and Certified (Level 1 and 2)

This course is designed to enable candidates to develop knowledge of the terminology and basic concepts of TOGAF standards and principles of Enterprise Architecture. Candidates will also be able to analyze and apply knowledge of TOGAF® standards.

Our Trainings

Customized & personalized Training program

Businesses are often confronted with a wide range of unique employee training and development needs. TE is skilled in developing customized training that aligns with these distinct needs and suits all budgetary circumstances. Our approach begins with creating a sound understanding of the characteristics and goals of your business. With this understanding, our business experts will:

  • Conduct a systematic diagnosis
  • Provide targeted consultation
  • Work with you to create a solution

Our personalized training services include a wide range of approaches, from short-term skills-building courses with specified outcomes to professional certifications to incremental employee/leadership development.

Organization development consultation

Our Workforce Development department offers a full range of organization development consultation services and customized training designed to help your company navigate competitive waters successfully.

Our Trainings

On Job Training program

When an employee learns the job in the actual working site in a real-life situation, and not a simulated environment, it is called On-the-job training or Workplace training.

  • It is directly in the context of the job
  • It is often informal
  • It is most effective because it is learning by experience
  • It is the least expensive
  • Trainees are highly motivated
  • It is free from artificial classroom situations

On Job training

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